Services offered are Virus Removal ,Operating System Reinstall, Drivers Reinstall,No Power, No Boot, Power Socket Repairs, Lcd backlight Issues,Lcd Replacements,Spill Water,Yogurt or Wine, Laptop Dropped Issues,Graphic Card Repair,Hard Drive and Ram Upgrade ,Data Recovery,Wireless Issues,Windows Upgrade from Vista to 7.

All General Services for Mac are only from $75
Mac Over Heating Issues
We Daignose your Mac to find the causes of overheating.We clean up the fans,clean the coil and apply thermal paste to the processor which will give cooling to the processor.We replace parts if required(Parts Extra)
OS Reinstall & Dual OS with Windows & Mac
With Dual OS we provide you an option to select either Windows or Mac OS.
System Slow/No Boot/No Power
We Diagnose your Mac to find the cause of the issue and fix the problem within a day or maximum upto two days.
Mac Tune up
Tune up your Mac and make it run as fast as before.
Spill Wine,Water,Yogurt etc on Mac
From $199
If the customer brings the Mac as it is without turning it on or trying out any other self repairs there are 80% chances of fixing it.
Mac Screen Replacement
Screen/Screen-Glass Provided by the customer $75
Macbook 13.3" Screen Replacement $249
Macbook Pro Unibody 13.3" Screen Replacement $249
Macbook Pro/ Unibody 13",15" Screen Glass Replacement $149
Macbook Pro Unibody 15" Screen Replacement $299
Macbook Pro 17" Screen Replacement $349
Mac Hard Drive Replacement
Harddrive provided by the customer $75
Installing new 500G B HDD with OS $175
Installing new 1TB HDD with OS $225
Mac Power Jack Replacement
Power jack provided by the customer $129
Dc Jack including installation $175
Mac Hinges Replacement
Hinges provided by the customer $75
Hinges for Apple Macbook 13" Left & Right with installation $165
Hinges for Apple Macbook Pro 15" Left & Right with installation $129
Mac Keyboard Replacement
Keyboard provided by the customer $75
New Apple MacBook 13" A1181 Keyboard and Touchpad $199
Keyboard for Apple Macbook 13" Unibody A1278, 2008 $175
Keyboard and Palmrest for Apple Macbook 13" Unibody A1278 $265
Keyboard for Apple Macbook Pro 15" A1226 $195
Keyboard for Apple Macbook Pro 15" A1175 $195
Keyboard for Apple MacBook Pro 15" Unibody A1286, 2009 $195
Keyboard for Apple Macbook Pro 15" A1211 $195
Keyboard and Palmrest for Macbook 15" Unibody A1286, 2008 $299
Keyboard and Palmrest for Apple Macbook 17" Unibody A1297 $299
Mac DVD Drive /Super Drive Replacement
Drive provided by the customer $75
DVD drive including installation $165
BluRay Combo incuding installation $245

Please refer to Laptop Repair Price List and Services Pages for other laptop issues and services .

* Fixed price is subject toinspection
* All Prices include GST and labor + parts
* All services carry a 3months warranty and parts carry manufacturer’s warranty