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Laptop Screen Repairs

Broken Laptop Screen
Cracked Laptop Screen
Malfunctioning Screen
No Display on Screen
Dim Laptop Screen
Flickering Screen
Smashed Screen
Iphone Screen


We Repair all Makes and Models

Compaq Laptop Screen Repair Replacement

Get your Compaq Laptop Screen Replaced Today.

Om Laptops has all models of Laptop Led Screen and Lcd Screen in stock.So that we can replace the Screen while you wait in less than 30 minutes.If you have a Cracked ,Damaged or Smashed Compaq Laptop Screen then this is the place for your Repair.

We have all models of Compaq Laptop Screen available at the lowest price .

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Laptop Screen Repair from $150
Macbook Screen Repairs from $150
Iphone Screen Repairs from $70

Most of the screens are in stock and Replaced the Same Day.

All the screens come with a 1yr warranty

We also sell Screens for Laptop , Macbook and Iphone.